Monday, January 3, 2011

A threat, and a clue.

He left me something else.

Just a number, scrawled on the wall, with a message underneath.


Solve it within a week, or never see him again.

Skip, skip, skip.


He's saying James is still alive. But I can't do anything about it. Trying an A-D substitution cipher doesn't work, even though that would be a 3 letter switch. Same with an A-X, which would be -3. If I don't figure this out, James is gone. Forever.


  1. the three skips intrigue me. What do you think they mean? Also, the three's total up to 69, but that brought me no results in ROT, this is confusing me.

  2. I've just thought of something.

    If this thing is enjoying messing with you, and since he showed up after your conversation with Ken, maybe he knows you were talking about Shiva and Rudra.

    Maybe that means he'll also write you messages or codes in other languages?

  3. Man, thats a toughie - just 3s? I'll have a think...

  4. Also -- maybe it could have something to do with math? The end result may be a number that you know (and address, apartment number, something like that).

  5. RC, I figured it out! Fair warning... DON'T GO ALONE.

    "Locust is finding you a problem. Come to the pond."

    I figured it out by starting with the capital L, and looking at every 3rd letter after it.