Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Entry #46

Still nothing from the kidnappers. Maybe they've forgotten, maybe they'll just release James. Wishful thinking, but who knows? They're obviously insane.

Swimming is really tiring again, because I've been away for a month. My friends there all know what I've been through, but I'm glad they're keeping away from the topic and talking about normal stuff.

I revamped the blog a bit, added my Twitter and changed the layout. I haven't figured out how to add my Youtube, but I will. I think I'll be using Youtube a lot more, even though I'm wary of showing my face on the Internet.

My dad's laptop was on the fritz yesterday. The screen was popping up various "update" messages all over, and it was blinking on and off too. It wasn't a virus, though. We ran an anti-virus scan, and noting showed up. It works fine today, so I guess it's fixed.

I was going to visit Mike tomorrow, but Kleptosporia on Twitter (and my mom, but Klepto told me first) told me that it was going to be a blizzard. 14-22 inches of snow. Lovely. So unless I can get outside, I won't be visiting him until Friday.

In the meantime, I'll be searching around my yard again. I'm going to look for any clues from the kidnappers that I may have missed. We were looking for anything relating to James last time. Now I'm looking for anything relating to the Howler, or even Locust. I'll be carrying the camera and my phone, so I'll be safe.



  1. What OS is your dad's computer?

  2. Windows XP. It works fine now, though. I think it probably got cat hair in it or something.

  3. Those "update" windows didn't say anything specific?

  4. Be careful RC.

    Btw - to add your youtube there should be a button under your videos called "Embed" click this and copy the code that appears - make sure you have "interpret types HTML" activated on the new post page and just copy the code into the post.

  5. @Weasel: Windows messages saying "You have updates ready to be installed on your computer". The usual ones. There were about 20 updates waiting.

    @Distilled: Thanks for the info, I'll keep that in mind the next time I post a video.