Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Pond.

I didn't watch it. I just uploaded it.

I went out this morning at around 6. I couldn't find any twine to tie the bell to, and it was pretty loud, so I figured I would just hold it. Bad idea.

I walked out to the pond, and heard a voice. It was the most twisted voice, sounded as if someone had hacked the windpipe of the person in half. I heard "Put the camera down". I turned around--I don't know if the camera got it--and the Howler was there.

It's not fake. A mass of arms with a little bald head was there. It was grinning. Oh God.

I tried to ring the bell, but one of its arms pushed me down. It was at least 10 feet away, and yet it pushed me down. I dropped the bell. It came a little closer, walking on the fingertips. I almost threw up.

Again, I don't know if the camera got it, but it whispered to me. It said, "Locust is watching you now. We are keeping your brother alive as...bait, I presume."

At that point I ran to the porch. It just grinned at me, and jumped into the woods. I tried shouting after it, asking where my brother was, but it was gone.

At least he's still alive. But if he's with that thing, I don't know if being alive is such a good thing.


  1. Dude, I heard you run back to the porch - was that you who said "where is he?".

  2. I think so. I didn't run all the way to the porch, I didn't have time. I came back to get the camera and the bell after he disappeared. I shouted after him--I'm pretty sure I said "Where is he".

  3. Ah thats a shame, I had thought that you dropped the camera and then ran inside - I was hopeful we were hearing James' voice.

    So, they are keeping him as bait? For whom? You?