Monday, January 31, 2011

Entry #60

He was standing by the pine tree as we drove up the driveway last night.

I was coming home from the swim meet. I could drive, but I don't want to yet. My dad was driving. I was quite tired from the long day, and I was very glad to be home. We got to the driveway and drove up. It's on a hill we have to drive up, and it's very long, so it takes a while.

Right by the third driveway light, Locust was there. It looked like he had a white sphere as a face--like what James drew, just in 3D. There was nothing, no facial features. No expressions. The light didn't even throw any shadows on his face. It was just pure white. He was wearing the same tuxedo and bowler hat as before, before James was taken. His bowler hat looked a little ragged, but he seemed impeccable in some weird way.

He was standing on top of the snow. I don't know how, but his feet weren't making any holes in the snow. His dress shoes were planted on the top of the snow. He was impossibly tall now, far taller than when I had seen him before. He must have been at least eight feet tall.

I swear, as we passed, I got the feeling of a smirk inside my brain. I heard laughter in my head. It wasn't me. And just before he got out of view, one of his arms shot out. We were at least 30 feet away at this point, but it reached the car all the same. It changed shape as it got closer, stretching out and turning pointy, until it almost looked like a jet-black tentacle. I have no idea what I saw, but as soon as it touched the car, the car went haywire.

The radio turned itself on and started madly changing channels. The car lights kept flashing on and off, and the blinkers too. The lights inside the car turned on and got really bright before they actually popped. The electric seat adjuster for my dad rammed itself backward and then forward. It knocked my dad into the steering wheel pretty hard.

Then I passed out. Nothing hit me, but I was pretty freaked out. I guess I didn't respond to anything, so my parents carried me up to my bed and tried to call 911. The phones were out. Even all 3 of our cell phones were dead.

I woke up this morning. My mom was sitting next to me in a chair, asleep. My dad was eating breakfast, I could hear the spoon clinking against the cereal bowl. I guess I groaned, because my mom snapped awake and cried and hugged me. My dad ran upstairs and basically did the same, without the crying.

They left so I could shower and wake up and stuff. I flipped the cover back to get out of bed and a piece of paper fell out.

Glad to see we can still have fun.


It was in my dad's writing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Entry #59, I Believe

Nobody ever tells you that waiting is the worst part of any family crisis. My mom always used to love watching murder mysteries on TV, and they would always go over all the important details. They never went over the months spent waiting for trials, the weeks between clues.

Even though I have swimming, and tennis, and all the other stuff I've gone back to (I have to go back, I can't waste my life), I have that nagging feeling in the back of my head that something even more horrible will happen. I mean, I don't think anything worse is possible, but I just have that feeling.

I'm at a swim meet all weekend. Just swam the mile before I came home and wrote this. Yes, I swim the longest events at the meet. The 500 (20 laps), the 1000 (40 laps), and the 1650 (66 laps/1 mile) are my main events. It really got my mind off of...stuff, because it's so tiring that you really can't think of anything other than the task at hand, swimming.

I haven't heard a peep from outside. It could just be the cold, and all the snow. But I think something's happened. I think something bad happened to whoever is doing this, and I think they're in trouble. Great. Let's hope they're dead, let's hope James got away. Not likely, but we can hope.

Even the shadows in the corner of my eye are gone. Now I know when the cat is running downstairs, or when my mom is passing by the room. Everything is much brighter.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Entry #58

So I slept for basically two days straight. I was quite hungry when I woke up yesterday. I forgot to post, I'm sorry. Doubt anyone would want to hear about my sleep anyway, you guys are so excited about my missing brother. Is this like, vicarious thrills or something to you? Even though I'm glad you readers are viewing this, I'm surprised and somewhat appalled that people are so interested.

But what can I expect? I keep writing. I could have just stopped, but I didn't. It helps me to rant, to put words down about what's happened.

Also, I feel like I'm getting almost jaded about everything that's happened. I woke up this morning to another piece of paper. This one was in cursive. All it said was "This shouldn't have happened."

Nothing there to decode. Either whoever wrote it was referring to this whole ordeal, my brother and all--which I highly doubt--or he/she/it was referring to the fact that the screaming stopped. I don't think it was supposed to stop.

Did the Howler rebel or something? I have no idea, but if the screaming starts up again I'll probably go literally crazy. There's no way I could stand that again.

There's nothing else I can do to find James right now other than to sit around and wait for more puzzles or clues. I'm not going outside the house, it's too dangerous. Plus, it's snowing again. And it's cold. I shouldn't be complaining, but I'm still sort of weak from sleeping for so long.

The headache has gone away completely though. I really do feel much different, I didn't realize how much that headache was narrowing my vision. Things are looking up.


Monday, January 24, 2011


It stopped yesterday. Out of nowhere, it stopped. It didn't fade, it just stopped. I think I went to sleep about two minutes after. I just woke up. I slept about 26 hours.

What I said in the last post is true. I can still hear the whispers, now that I'm awake. They're asking for help, but they're fading too. I distinctly remember seeing branches outside my window where there shouldn't have been, but no bones. That must have been a dream.

My headache is almost completely gone too. I've had it for almost two full months, and now it's fading. I feel...light. That's the only way to really describe it. I'm not happy. I'm light.

I'm going back to sleep now. I need it.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Entry #57

It hasn't stopped. I can't sleep.

I haven't been able to sleep at all for the past 72 hours. I'm starting to get micronaps, little bits of time where I fall asleep but don't know until after I wake up. It only lasts a few seconds but it's awful. I fell down the stairs two hours ago because of it. My left ankle is swollen horribly now.

I can't concentrate on anything. My head feelsx like it's about to rip open. If I look at a page or even the computer screen it blurs to the point of unreadability. I don't even know if my spelling is correct right now.

The micronaps are awful. It's like I'm awake, but there's something at the edge of my vision. It's always dark and shadowy, and it just stands there. It always rushes toward me

the second before i wake up.

I opened my window this morning to look outside. I was dreaming, but I saw a mass of fingers reaching for me. Some of the fingers were intertwined with twigs. Some were broken, had bones sticking out. little white bones. There were no arms, just fingers--twigs--scrabbling at the window. The screaming blasted in my ears and I fell backwards and woke up when I hit my head on the desk next to my bed.

The screaming is whispering too. There's all the voices screaming, but under it are high voices just whispering

help me, save us, trapped,

and other things i don't understand. I can't understand.

There's no way I can sleep. Even with music playing, I still hear them whispering Moving won't help, they just follwo me. i think one of them is james. I want them out of myhead, please. Oh God, please get them out, I'm going insane.


Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Getting Worse.

The howling outside hasn't stopped all day. When I open the window I can hear it more clearly. It's like ten voices all screaming in pain and horror at once. Going to the most soundproof room in the house doesn't help at all. In fact, the screaming might be worse there. It grates on my ears, to the point that it's making the headache even worse. I have earbuds in, playing music from the computer as I write this.

My parents can't hear it. I asked my mom, and she looked at me as if I was crazy. I might be, in fact. I mean, I might actually be crazy. I don't even know at this point.

It didn't even stop when we went to swim team. I put my iPod on in the car so I couldn't hear it, but the second I got out of the car outside the pool I could hear it again. It sounded as if it was right around the corner. I was tempted to walk around and see where the Howler--because I know that's what's doing this, the goddamn Howler--was, but I didn't have anything to protect myself, and it was completely dark. No-one would have seen me if some bad had happened.

I'm afraid this is the first form of the punishment, incessant noise and constant tension. The stress and worry is killing me. I mean it literally, I felt my heart flip today. My family has a history of dying very young from weak hearts, even if they're completely healthy. I'm not completely healthy, I've had an awful cold for the past few months that won't go away.

Kleptosporia gave me two links to information. One looks like a crazy guy who kills people, but the other looks like it might have some information on how to protect myself. I'm going to read it, then see if the author has any advice for me. I hope he/she does. I would pick up the knife again, but I don't want to nearly stab my dad again. And the creatures, Locust and the Howler, would just know I had it.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gathering Information?

I woke up today to see another message.

It has come to our awareness that you have shared the code with others. We told you to not tell anybody.

There are dire consequences for not obeying us.

We would advise you to prepare. The more you know, the more fun it is when we punish you.


I didn't take a photograph because I wanted to post this as fast as possible. You guys and Ken have told me you know about this, these things. Please give me any information you have on Locust or the Howler, or any links to information, or people who know, anything.

I think they're going to try to take me or kill me. I'm going to fight. But how do I fight if I don't know what they're going to do? Should I just barricade myself in my room? Tell my parents? Get away from the house?

Please help me, here or on Twitter. Tell me what I can do.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Entry #54

I almost stabbed my dad last night. I saw a shadow on the wall in my room at about 4 A.M., and I waited until I saw whatever was stepping into my room. I had the knife next to me, under the sheet, and I had my eyes mostly closed so it would look like I was asleep.

The shadow--my dad, but I didn't know it--moved until it was by my bed, and that's when I jumped up. I got so lucky, because my dad shouted and dodged away before I could bring the knife forward. If he hadn't moved, I would have gotten him right in the stomach.

Of course, I saw it was my dad immediately afterward. I dropped the knife, and my knees started wobbling. I think my dad would have started yelling at me, but he was just too shocked. He got up and just stumbled out of the room. I stayed up for another hour, basically thinking of what could have happened, then went to sleep. I had the worst nightmare where I actually stabbed my dad--but I knew I was stabbing him, and I was doing it on purpose. I may have actually screamed out loud, because I woke up and my throat felt really raw.

I can't believe how lucky I was. If I had just brought the knife forward a little more, if Dad hadn't moved...

I just woke up an hour ago, about 1 P.M., and ate breakfast. My parents didn't come downstairs yet, they're still talking in their room. I want to apologize or something, but I don't want to barge into the room.

The Howler knew what I was planning, I think. I just have a feeling he knew. That's why he didn't show up today. Every other day I wake up and feel as if something has been in my room, but when I woke up there was nothing like that. It could just be because I woke up so late, but I don't think so. He knew.

I'm going to sit down with the code now. Since it's sleeting outside, I can't do anything else. I think it's a Playfair cipher, that's why the Howler wrote playfair as one word. But why did he write it backwards? And is there some keyword I'm missing?

Thank you, whoever is trying to help me with the code. All of you guys, I'm so thankful.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Entry #53

Pretty much all day today I sat on my bed and thought about James.

I thought about how much I pushed him away, how much I ignored him. Anything bad I did, I thought of. I remembered when he asked me to play Monopoly a few days before he disappeared, and how I said I was busy. Even though I had nothing else to do, I still said I was busy, because I didn't want to be around him.

And stuff like that. I couldn't stop thinking about it, and it's made me feel even worse. Like it's my fault somehow.

I'm not searching for anything outside anymore. Every time I do, something bad happens. I know what's happening. They're forcing me to stay in the house, trapping me inside so I just wait for them like a sitting duck. They're going to play with my head before taking me just like they took James.

I'm not letting that happen. I'm taking a knife to my room, the sharpest, longest one we have. I'm keeping it next to my bed, and I'm going to fake being asleep all night. If I see the Howler come into my room--I'm sure he will, I'm sure he has been every night--I'm going to stab him. Not fatally, but I'm going to get him to tell me where my brother is. Even if it takes some coercion.

Wish me luck.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Entry #52

I've been working on the riddle and code. I may or may not have gotten part of it, I don't know. Here's a picture of the paper it was written on.

It told me that this is a riddle. Most riddles are "What am I?" riddles, so I looked for anything that could be "I am". And I replaced any capital letters in the middle of sentences with I, because I figured that would work. Here's what I got.

I am os sltw cckataqg. I am ahscz, atc ehnk. I am olpv dufmb eoa ltln ccdah, xng fvmv bcrc aqt sxth teorc. Mhco I abm, std ris oqi ou kizi tba qwy fks avqy I gctv hcrqa. I am fou bmpotyu ln ykux cszof.

Sil edetb sxvk ottw oxyunaa sr rv vt mtxd sspt.

I don't even know if it's correct, but I think it might be. And riafyalp backwards is playfair, but I have no idea why it was backwards, nor why the two words were put together.

Here's the other letter I got, the one from the slaughter in the front yard. I don't think this is from the Howler.
There's nothing to figure out on this one, other than those damn arrows and the ripped corner that's been on every one.

I covered up the blood in the snow outside as much as I could. If my parents saw it, they wouldn't have allowed me to go to swim team, and I need the swim. Well, I don't need swimming, I need the people. I need the friends, I need everything to at least pretend it's normal.

Mike hasn't been to practice, and any time I try to ask him if I can visit, he doesn't answer his phone. I couldn't visit him yesterday because of this. I'm just going to wait until he comes to swim practice.

I don't believe this is paranormal. I don't believe in ghosts, I don't believe in werewolves, and I don't believe in vampires. But if there's anything else strange, I might start doubting a little. Up to this point, I've kept it in my head this is all a sick dream, or some psychos messing with us. I don't know now. With my headaches when I wake up, the howling before I go to sleep, and the gruesome stuff I don't think I could even dream up if I tried, I'm starting to think this is real. This isn't good.

How can I keep these things from taking me like they took James? I'm double James's age, but I know they can come in the house without anybody ever knowing. Should I just play along with them, whatever they are, to find James? Or should I just give up and hope they kill me? You guys have given me so much help already, I feel like I can trust you. 

I'm not really asking whether I should give up. I'm not going to give up. Please help me solve this code. Please.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here goes.

This was on my bed this morning.

 We'll begin the game today. Do not tell anybody what you are doing.

A simple riddle to start.

F np os sltw cckataqg. E ck ahscz, atc ehnk. B olpv dufmb eoa ltln ccdah, xng fvmv bcrc aqt sxth teorc. Mhco C abm, std ris oqi ou kizi tba qwy fks avqy D gctv hcrqa. Q vr fou bmpotyu ln ykux cszof.

Sil edetb sxvk ottw oxyunaa sr rv vt mtxd sspt.
Let's riafyalp!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Entry #48

So, I went outside today. I wasn't expecting to find anything, especially not in the snow, but I did. Oh boy, did I.

I recorded it too, but when I watched it before I uploaded it, nothing was visible. Just shots of my feet, a little red, and blurring. Impossible to see anything. Great new camera, if it can't record in snow.

Here’s what happened. I woke up this morning pretty happy, given the circumstances, and got ready to go out. Boots, heavy jacket, gloves, the whole bit. The second I got outside I realized it was way too bright, especially with my headache.

So I spent most of an hour looking for my sunglasses. Yeah, dumb way to spend time. I galumphed around the house in the boots, looking for a pair of sunglasses.

I managed to find them in a pile of boxes, finally. Of course, at that point there were clouds over the sun, so I didn’t need them as much. Figures.

I took the camera and proceeded outside finally. First thing I saw was a huge swath cut through the snow. It wasn’t footsteps, it looked as if something had swept all the snow away and scoured the grass from the earth underneath.

Then I saw the pine tree by the swinging bench moving up and down heavily. The track ended under the pine tree too, and I could see something bright there.

I ran toward it. I managed to trip in the snow, and I almost got the camera wet. At the time, I didn’t think much about it, but my parents would have been very angry if that had happened. VERY angry.

I got under the pine tree, and everything there was red. Blood was splashed on the tree trunk, glistened black and red. It was all over the ground, and it looked like something had exploded over the snow around the area.

Now I know there was nothing there before I went out. The snow was pristine, no deer tracks, nothing. This was done in the space of the two minutes I was preparing in the garage. Whatever was killed there was completely gone. It was impossible.

There was another message hanging on a rusty coat hanger. It was written in cursive—beautiful cursive, the neatest I’ve ever seen, not the blocky script from before.

“Let us feed while we prepare. The fun begins soon.”

Whatever was killed, they ate it. God, what sick people. I just retch a little thinking of the blood. They must have torn it open while holding whatever it was in the air. 

And they’re going to play games with me until I find James, or until I die.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Snow (Entry #47)

I really really like snow. I mean, white and fluffy and all. But not when it freaking blots out any clues I might have found, and doesn't let me go out without freezing my toes and fingers off, even though I'm wearing gloves and boots.

I mean, come on! It's like the clouds are forcing me to stay inside. And they know I don't like it inside, especially without any computer except my dad's. Staying inside is just making me more and more jumpy. I keep seeing the cats darting up and down the stairs and thinking it's...something else.

Ditto when I look outside. Well, it's not cats out there, we have our cats strictly inside. I just think I see something walking or running, but there's never anything. I'm completely sure of this with the new snow and everything, because there aren't any footprints.

I tried to go outside today, but as I said...frozen toes and fingers definitely coerced me to go into the warm house. So I'm just waiting in the house more...

Well, until tomorrow. We're going to try to get a new desktop computer tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to get outside to look in the snow for any clues. I'm going to go down to the old horse barn in the field by the pond. Nothing's been there since the horse died when I was 8 or 9, but I figure it's as good a starting point as anything. I'll film all the way. Hopefully I can add it from the new computer when I get back.

I'm probably visiting Mike on Saturday--I've been trying not to think about it. It just brings all the bad thoughts back, worse than ever. It's like a knife in my gut, I can actually feel pain when I think and write about it. Just the same questions, what if the same thing happened to James, what if the kidnappers are lying to me, what if I'm next...

So I'm going to stop thinking about it, and try to go to sleep. G'night.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Entry #46

Still nothing from the kidnappers. Maybe they've forgotten, maybe they'll just release James. Wishful thinking, but who knows? They're obviously insane.

Swimming is really tiring again, because I've been away for a month. My friends there all know what I've been through, but I'm glad they're keeping away from the topic and talking about normal stuff.

I revamped the blog a bit, added my Twitter and changed the layout. I haven't figured out how to add my Youtube, but I will. I think I'll be using Youtube a lot more, even though I'm wary of showing my face on the Internet.

My dad's laptop was on the fritz yesterday. The screen was popping up various "update" messages all over, and it was blinking on and off too. It wasn't a virus, though. We ran an anti-virus scan, and noting showed up. It works fine today, so I guess it's fixed.

I was going to visit Mike tomorrow, but Kleptosporia on Twitter (and my mom, but Klepto told me first) told me that it was going to be a blizzard. 14-22 inches of snow. Lovely. So unless I can get outside, I won't be visiting him until Friday.

In the meantime, I'll be searching around my yard again. I'm going to look for any clues from the kidnappers that I may have missed. We were looking for anything relating to James last time. Now I'm looking for anything relating to the Howler, or even Locust. I'll be carrying the camera and my phone, so I'll be safe.


Sunday, January 9, 2011


I must say the swim meet was amazing. I mean, my times sucked, but I barely cared about the times. Actually being around other people has cheered me up so much. It gave me a burst of confidence, I guess.  I didn't think once of the whole ordeal yesterday or today. Well, until now, because I'm writing this.

Really, even though it may be selfish, I feel happy. I'm going to resume going to swim practice tomorrow, so I can have some sort of social-ness again. Since I'm homeschooled, not doing schoolwork isn't too much of a worry right now. I was ahead in my work before this happened, and I can cram into the summer once James returns, and everything passes. It will pass.

I'm going to visit Mike, Ken's nephew, tomorrow too. He wasn't at the swim meet at all, so I have no idea how he's feeling. He's been one of my closest friends for a really long time. I honestly hope he isn't distraught, because I know it's partially my fault.

I do have an ulterior motive though. He might know something too. I highly doubt it, but I'm going to use my camera as a sound/video recorder anyway. If he does know something, the camera will preserve it.

Now that the swim meet is over, all the paranoia and the worries and the insecurities creep back. It's been silent since Ken was killed. The Howler said he--they--would have "fun" with me soon. My brother is probably involved in that fun, seeing as he's considered "bait".

This will sound so corny, but bring it on. I don't care what they do at this point, I just want him back. I want our normal lives back.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Swim Meet

Yes, I'm going to my swim meet today. After a month without swimming or leaving my road except for food shopping, I'm going outside. Heh.

I guess my parents thought it would be good to get outside. We've stopped the searches. I'm the only one who still believes he's out there. Well, Ken did, but he's...gone.

This is why I'm worried to go out in public. The one person I really talked to this whole time was murdered. What will happen if I go to a meet with hundreds of people?

I was able to go to his house today after I cleared a path down the driveway. Even though it snowed another 6 inches since I heard the sirens yesterday, I could still see the red and black staining the snow under the biggest tree in the yard. The Howler did the same thing to him as it did to the policeman. The body must have been taken away.

One of my friends on the team, Mike, is Ken's nephew. I don't know if he heard the news yet. God, I hope not. If he did I hope he's not at the meet. He was so close to Ken. He'll be distraught.

I have to admit this somewhere. I cried yesterday when I knew it was Ken. It wasn't even out of sadness. It was the fact that he was my biggest clue to my brother's disappearance. Oh God, I'm so selfish.

Why did this happen to my family? And why are all the decisions that could kill anybody I know resting on me? hhhhh. I can barely move now, but I have to go. Heh, wish me luck I guess.


Friday, January 7, 2011

An Acquaintance?

I woke up this morning to police sirens, snow, and this.

It's too much of a coincidence there are police on my street. The Howler got someone else.

There are only two houses on my street the way the sirens are coming from. One has a family that just moved in. The other is Ken's house. I can't even get out of the driveway because of the snow, but I know what happened.

It got Ken.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Pond.

I didn't watch it. I just uploaded it.

I went out this morning at around 6. I couldn't find any twine to tie the bell to, and it was pretty loud, so I figured I would just hold it. Bad idea.

I walked out to the pond, and heard a voice. It was the most twisted voice, sounded as if someone had hacked the windpipe of the person in half. I heard "Put the camera down". I turned around--I don't know if the camera got it--and the Howler was there.

It's not fake. A mass of arms with a little bald head was there. It was grinning. Oh God.

I tried to ring the bell, but one of its arms pushed me down. It was at least 10 feet away, and yet it pushed me down. I dropped the bell. It came a little closer, walking on the fingertips. I almost threw up.

Again, I don't know if the camera got it, but it whispered to me. It said, "Locust is watching you now. We are keeping your brother alive as...bait, I presume."

At that point I ran to the porch. It just grinned at me, and jumped into the woods. I tried shouting after it, asking where my brother was, but it was gone.

At least he's still alive. But if he's with that thing, I don't know if being alive is such a good thing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank You.

I woke up this morning and checked here. Barolas solved part of the code and allowed me to get the rest. Barolas said that starting from the capital L and skipping 3 letters yielded "Locust is finding you a problem. Come to the pond."

I tried it out and found it was skipping every 3 characters, including spaces. That's what the Howler meant with the 3s and the 3 skips.

But Barolas's solution on yielded part of the code. I tried it from the beginning of the code, and found this:

Aol nlnd?e  wtL hoyece uadsrat y s iaasmf etf eiprnr doyibonluge u Wraie l pltr hoyiboslu e s Ctaoetmn e s tutono r uitssh ees. t pi

After skipping 3, and starting from the beginning after reaching the last letter of the first pass turns into this: 

A new year same problems. Will you listen to us? Locust is finding you a problem. Come to the pond the day after you figure this out at sunrise.

I'm going out there tomorrow morning. Setting my alarm to 5:00 A.M. I'm bringing my camera, and recording the whole thing. I'm not telling my parents, though. They wouldn't let me go outside if they had any idea what was going on, and I can't let that happen.

And the pond is only 50 feet at most from my back porch. I can run fast enough if I need to.

Thank you, Barolas, for figuring that out.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6 Days.

Only 6 days left. I have to solve this. I woke up and stared at the code. I pinned up the code on my wall, along with the clue the Howler left me. For two hours, I tried scrambling the letters, putting all the capital letters at the beginning, and researching and trying various codes.

Absolutely nothing. I've never been good at puzzles. Plus, I developed a massive headache when I stepped out of bed. That didn't help.

After two hours of that, I took my bike out and went back to Ken's. He was pretty angry at me when I left the last time I visited him, so I had no idea what to expect. He knew something about Locust and the Howler, though, so I had to go back to him.

I knocked on his door, and waited for about two minutes in the cold before he let me in. I know he was deliberating letting me in, because I could see the shade in the window near the door open slightly after I knocked.

He seemed happy to see me when he opened the door. He smiled and waved me in. He closed the door, turned to me, dropped the smile, and asked, "Now what do you want to know?"

"Why are there Hindu gods here?" I practically yelled it in his face. I feel bad now, but that was probably the only way I was going to get any information.

"They aren't gods."

I knew he had said that Shiva had taken my brother the last time I talked to him. So I didn't say anything, in part because he was admitting to a lie, and in part because he looked so distressed that he seemed like he was about to cry.

"They're...things. Forces of nature. I have no idea. I've tried to relate them to India, because I heard of them--well, at least Shiva--no, I'm sorry, it's not Shiva. Whatever it is, I heard stories about 'him' when I visited India."

"So they're from India? They followed you here? Who are these people?"

"I told you, they aren't people. And he--who I call Shiva--is everywhere. This isn't my fault. Please, sit down."

He gestured toward his living room. We walked in and sat on the couch.

He practically spilled whatever he was drinking, his hands were shaking so much. It was disturbing, thinking back. I had never seen a person so nervous or upset.

"When I was in India, I kept hearing stories of disappearing children. They and their families all knew they were leaving. They just disappeared. Some in the day, and some at night. I personally thought it was just a little tale parents told their children, like the Bogeyman.

"But then it happened to one of the children in my village. I heard her and his parents crying one day, and the next day she was gone. You must understand this seriously upset me. I was teaching these children English, and one of them was gone. The parents refused to search.

"I flew back here the next day. I haven't been to India since. I began researching this thing, Shiva, but I found almost nothing. All I found were traces--stories, fables. I had heard whispers of many arms, and that brought me to the conclusion it was their god Shiva. I was told it wore black when it came, and that was all.

"I was wrong. Soon after my assumption, I found a collection of stories, woodcuts, and some photographs. One of the photographs was of an Egyptian tomb. Hieroglyphics painted all over the walls, and one picture. A man, wearing black, with countless arms.

"In that same collection, I found information about another creature. All that was said was that it howled. After these...revelations, I assume, I found more and more. These have been around far longer than any Hindu gods. They seem as if they have existed since humans could even draw."

I wrote this all from memory. I couldn't write anything down there, even thought I brought my notebook. These things have been around forever? I'm finding it easier to believe than before, but I still don't believe it. I don't trust anything coming from Ken now, even if it may be the truth. He misled me before, and he may be misleading me again.

But this could help me, somehow. These people are probably trying to emulate whatever Ken calls Shiva and Rudra. Some sick cult, or something. It may not help me find James, but it's helping me find out how twisted these people are.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A threat, and a clue.

He left me something else.

Just a number, scrawled on the wall, with a message underneath.


Solve it within a week, or never see him again.

Skip, skip, skip.


He's saying James is still alive. But I can't do anything about it. Trying an A-D substitution cipher doesn't work, even though that would be a 3 letter switch. Same with an A-X, which would be -3. If I don't figure this out, James is gone. Forever.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Entry #37

I guess my statement about waiting paid off. Woke up this morning with a piece of paper next to my bed. Not taking a picture of it, it's too much trouble when I can just type it in. It has the same corner of the paper torn out, just like the other piece of paper the Howler left me.

The Howler, whatever it is, can come into the house any time. I assume the broken window was just a warning. He didn't need to do that.

Aol nlnd?e  wtL hoyece uadsrat y s iaasmf etf eiprnr doyibonluge u Wraie l pltr hoyiboslu e s Ctaoetmn e s tutono r uitssh ees. t pi


Not even a clue to tell me how to solve it. Caesar doesn't work, neither does any other substitution cipher. Can you help me?