Thursday, January 13, 2011

Entry #48

So, I went outside today. I wasn't expecting to find anything, especially not in the snow, but I did. Oh boy, did I.

I recorded it too, but when I watched it before I uploaded it, nothing was visible. Just shots of my feet, a little red, and blurring. Impossible to see anything. Great new camera, if it can't record in snow.

Here’s what happened. I woke up this morning pretty happy, given the circumstances, and got ready to go out. Boots, heavy jacket, gloves, the whole bit. The second I got outside I realized it was way too bright, especially with my headache.

So I spent most of an hour looking for my sunglasses. Yeah, dumb way to spend time. I galumphed around the house in the boots, looking for a pair of sunglasses.

I managed to find them in a pile of boxes, finally. Of course, at that point there were clouds over the sun, so I didn’t need them as much. Figures.

I took the camera and proceeded outside finally. First thing I saw was a huge swath cut through the snow. It wasn’t footsteps, it looked as if something had swept all the snow away and scoured the grass from the earth underneath.

Then I saw the pine tree by the swinging bench moving up and down heavily. The track ended under the pine tree too, and I could see something bright there.

I ran toward it. I managed to trip in the snow, and I almost got the camera wet. At the time, I didn’t think much about it, but my parents would have been very angry if that had happened. VERY angry.

I got under the pine tree, and everything there was red. Blood was splashed on the tree trunk, glistened black and red. It was all over the ground, and it looked like something had exploded over the snow around the area.

Now I know there was nothing there before I went out. The snow was pristine, no deer tracks, nothing. This was done in the space of the two minutes I was preparing in the garage. Whatever was killed there was completely gone. It was impossible.

There was another message hanging on a rusty coat hanger. It was written in cursive—beautiful cursive, the neatest I’ve ever seen, not the blocky script from before.

“Let us feed while we prepare. The fun begins soon.”

Whatever was killed, they ate it. God, what sick people. I just retch a little thinking of the blood. They must have torn it open while holding whatever it was in the air. 

And they’re going to play games with me until I find James, or until I die.


  1. Intense. Keep us updated with any clues you might find, we should be able to get some people together to help solve them like we did last time.

  2. Have you checked to see if your camera has some kind of settings that allow it to record better in the snow? Also, any reason for the change of font partway through the post?

  3. Will do, Distilled.

    Weasel, I checked the camera. It has a setting for snow for pictures, but not for video.

    And the change in font is probably because I wrote the first bit on Blogger and the second bit in Microsoft Word. I didn't even notice it.

  4. Something is better than nothing, though. If you can't take video, maybe you should try to take pictures as much as you are able to.