Monday, January 31, 2011

Entry #60

He was standing by the pine tree as we drove up the driveway last night.

I was coming home from the swim meet. I could drive, but I don't want to yet. My dad was driving. I was quite tired from the long day, and I was very glad to be home. We got to the driveway and drove up. It's on a hill we have to drive up, and it's very long, so it takes a while.

Right by the third driveway light, Locust was there. It looked like he had a white sphere as a face--like what James drew, just in 3D. There was nothing, no facial features. No expressions. The light didn't even throw any shadows on his face. It was just pure white. He was wearing the same tuxedo and bowler hat as before, before James was taken. His bowler hat looked a little ragged, but he seemed impeccable in some weird way.

He was standing on top of the snow. I don't know how, but his feet weren't making any holes in the snow. His dress shoes were planted on the top of the snow. He was impossibly tall now, far taller than when I had seen him before. He must have been at least eight feet tall.

I swear, as we passed, I got the feeling of a smirk inside my brain. I heard laughter in my head. It wasn't me. And just before he got out of view, one of his arms shot out. We were at least 30 feet away at this point, but it reached the car all the same. It changed shape as it got closer, stretching out and turning pointy, until it almost looked like a jet-black tentacle. I have no idea what I saw, but as soon as it touched the car, the car went haywire.

The radio turned itself on and started madly changing channels. The car lights kept flashing on and off, and the blinkers too. The lights inside the car turned on and got really bright before they actually popped. The electric seat adjuster for my dad rammed itself backward and then forward. It knocked my dad into the steering wheel pretty hard.

Then I passed out. Nothing hit me, but I was pretty freaked out. I guess I didn't respond to anything, so my parents carried me up to my bed and tried to call 911. The phones were out. Even all 3 of our cell phones were dead.

I woke up this morning. My mom was sitting next to me in a chair, asleep. My dad was eating breakfast, I could hear the spoon clinking against the cereal bowl. I guess I groaned, because my mom snapped awake and cried and hugged me. My dad ran upstairs and basically did the same, without the crying.

They left so I could shower and wake up and stuff. I flipped the cover back to get out of bed and a piece of paper fell out.

Glad to see we can still have fun.


It was in my dad's writing.

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