Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank You.

I woke up this morning and checked here. Barolas solved part of the code and allowed me to get the rest. Barolas said that starting from the capital L and skipping 3 letters yielded "Locust is finding you a problem. Come to the pond."

I tried it out and found it was skipping every 3 characters, including spaces. That's what the Howler meant with the 3s and the 3 skips.

But Barolas's solution on yielded part of the code. I tried it from the beginning of the code, and found this:

Aol nlnd?e  wtL hoyece uadsrat y s iaasmf etf eiprnr doyibonluge u Wraie l pltr hoyiboslu e s Ctaoetmn e s tutono r uitssh ees. t pi

After skipping 3, and starting from the beginning after reaching the last letter of the first pass turns into this: 

A new year same problems. Will you listen to us? Locust is finding you a problem. Come to the pond the day after you figure this out at sunrise.

I'm going out there tomorrow morning. Setting my alarm to 5:00 A.M. I'm bringing my camera, and recording the whole thing. I'm not telling my parents, though. They wouldn't let me go outside if they had any idea what was going on, and I can't let that happen.

And the pond is only 50 feet at most from my back porch. I can run fast enough if I need to.

Thank you, Barolas, for figuring that out.



  1. Is there anyone else you believe you can tell? You really should tell someone. Don't fall into that old horror movie trap.

  2. I told one of my best friends to call the police if I didn't text or call her by 3 P.M. tomorrow.

    I set up a string with a bell attached to it that I can pull and ring the bell if I'm in trouble. Crude, but it'll work.

    Also, I'm setting up a Youtube tonight (I'll make another post later giving the link) so I can put in videos.

  3. Alright. Blogger isn't letting me post for some reason. Here's the Youtube.

    I hope nothing happens. You'll hear from me both here and on Youtube tomorrow.

  4. Good to hear the code made it to you, we'd been puzzlin' over it for a while. Can I suggest you leave a note for your parents, so that they find it when they wake up - if you are back before they wake you can always just throw it away, but if you aren't then at least they don't wake up to find their other son gone, and no explanation.

    Good luck man.