Thursday, December 30, 2010

Probably Entry #36?

Sorry, no pictures today. Nothing that cool, unless you want to see fisheye pictures of my room.

At this point I feel paranoid and not just a bit crazy. When I walk out of my room, I always think I see a shadow running down the stairs. There's never anything, though, no sound or anything. If I look outside, I swear something walks under the porch, but there are never footprints in the snow. I woke up last night and swore I felt mud on my feet, but there was nothing.

Haha, I must be getting used to these impossible things. An eight-armed creature giving me codes to save my brother, who am I kidding? He's gone. We've searched and there's no signs of him. All we have is his torn up shirt--which I'll take a picture of tomorrow or the next day--and what are we going to find? Fingerprints? Nope. Claw marks is more like it. Same thing that got the policeman, probably. He's probably lying under the snow somewhere, stomach opened.

To top it all off, I've had a cold for the past week and a half. Dry skin and nosebleeds too. Being out in the cold and the snow searching hasn't been good for me.

But I can't stop now. I'm going to bide my time and wait for more clues. I'm finding 'the Howler', I'm finding 'Locust', even though I know James is gone.


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