Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm Getting Somewhere.

I was asleep last night, finally. The cloth woke me up.

I tried recording it, but it must sense what's happening around it. I can't believe I'm saying this about paranormal crap, but I can't believe my brother is gone either.

Anyway, the murmuring from it got really loud, and it must have made me wake up. Out of nowhere, I hear James. He shouts, "Save me from Locust". Then everything falls silent.

After he shouted I felt something wet on my lip. I turned on the light. My nose had started bleeding. I was crying too. I didn't even notice.

This morning the cloth had a name on it. "Gut Loop" it said. That was the first place I saw the man, the Locust, at the mountain biking trail. I didn't even realize it. I'm going back there as soon as it stops raining and this fog disappears.

It won't stop raining until tomorrow according to the weather reports. My parents suspended searches. Any other clues are getting washed away.



  1. Be careful. Nosebleeds usually are a sign of the Hollowing process. If you don't know what that is... just... look up Slender Man and Hollowed... Yeah... good luck. I hope you can find your brother, and when you find him, he's still the brother you remember...

    Good luck,
    Raz P.

  2. I can't find anything on Hollowing or Slender Man on Google or Wikipedia. What is Hollowing? Am I in danger?

    And thank you for thinking of us.

  3. Hollowing is the process someone goes through before becoming a slave to Slender Man... yes you are in danger... though... it's not imminent yet... The symptoms of Hollowing are 1. a horrible cough 2. nosebleeds 3. coughing up blood 4. losing time (having almost a memory black out during a certain time. We're not sure if it is a memory wipe, or if he transports people through time, causing them to feel like they lost several hours.) 5. If WE (the readers) see you typing in binary or code or LiKe ThIs... then... well... you're probably hollowed and there's nothing you can do.

    The only way to really hold it off is to run... and run as far as you can... but I don't think you will since you seemed so concerned about your brother... just... try to stay safe...

    (ALSO! If you see someone wearing a mask like this THEY ARE HOLLOWED! As such, they are followers of Slender Man and should be either avoided or... dealt with... if you know how to fight that is... otherwise... just run from them...