Friday, December 3, 2010

Entry #9

I’m already getting antsy from the taper. >.< It’s no fun, and I want to play tennis really badly. I had to cancel the tournament for this weekend, I hadn’t realized taper started. The tournament would have started tomorrow. I think my mom is taking the swimming more seriously than I am. XD
More talk about swimming. If this bores whoever reads it…too bad. :P My swim team has two different types of swim meets. There are the local league’s meets, and then there are the USA Swimming swim meets.
The local league meets don’t really count toward anything; those are the meets that we just try to win instead of have every person focus on getting best times. The USA meets are the ones that really matter. The times you swim in USA meets are the times colleges look at, along with high-school times.
This may not be the correct thing to say, but…I don’t try too hard in the local meets. I just try to get as high a place in my races I can. If that warrants trying to get a best time, so be it. If it just means I have to swim faster than the guy next to me, that’s fine too. I focus on the USA meets more, and I suppose the coach does too, seeing as he’s having us taper for a USA meet and not a local meet.
My little brother swims too, but he doesn’t really care about swimming. He’s only eight, though. I didn’t really care about swimming when I was eight either.
Da-de-dum, let’s see what else. Oh, I’m pretty sure the guy who I've seen wandering around town in  the suit is actually one of the parents of somebody on the swim team. I saw him standing outside the pool building yesterday. He looked like he was waiting for his kid to get changed and leave. He looked pretty bored, at least from his body language. I would be too if I was just waiting outside the pool in the cold. XD

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