Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Attempt to Bring a Semblance of Happiness. :)

Absolutely nothing happened today. Nothing at all.

So I read my old posts from the start. I can't believe it's only been less than a month--it feels so long. But as I read the posts, I realized how much this has killed me inside. It's numbed my emotions, made me always depressed. I mean, you would be depressed if your brother was gone too, right? I'd hope you would.

But at this point I've reached the stage of acceptance, I think. Even with all this crazy stuff going on, Locust, the stalker, the Howler, I can't help him by constantly searching. Whatever game this Howler is playing with me, I can't actively pursue it because I have no idea where he/it is. I have to wait.

So, realizing that, I give you this video: . Best Japanese Ad ever. First thing that actually made me laugh since James left.


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