Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Entry #7

Whoa, 2 followers now. It’s like a chain reaction! Happy December 1st!
25 days ‘til Christmas! :D
Before I get into Christmas stuff, I’ll tell you about a rare occurrence that happened today. I went figure skating! :D
Now, all of you may be thinking, “Ew, figure skating is gay. This kid is weird,” but let me tell you, figure skating is NOT a gay sport. You try it, then tell me how gay it is.
I’ve been skating since I was five. Last summer I was injured for a long time because of the skating, and I recently stopped going to physical therapy. Apparently landing on one foot from the jumping had shifted a bone in my hip out of place, and it killed my back.
So I got try it again. Finally! It’s way more fun than I remember. Unfortunately, I need to start focusing on my tests as soon as possible. I assume none of you know about figure skating tests, as they aren’t well-known outside the skating world.
Skaters need to pass certain tests to reach the national level. I don’t need that national level, but I figure if I have that on a resume, it’s a lot easier to get a job teaching skating. And giving skating lessons pays really well. There are a total of 16 tests, 8 called 'moves in the field' and 8 called 'freestyle'. Freestyle is way more fun, seeing as it has jumping and spinning, but you're required to take the moves tests in order to take the freestyle tests. The tests get harder and longer as you work your way through the 8 in each. I passed all 8 moves tests (which is considered an accomplishment in itself), but I still have 3 freestyle tests to go. Must...pass...tests. :P
I only jumped a little because I’m afraid of hurting my back again, but I can feel my hip is okay. I’m excited to be back to skating. And my swim coach said skating was a fine sport, seeing as it isn’t TOO strenuous. Yes, finally a way to avoid the bad parts of tapering. :D


  1. Indeed? How liberating a realm of sport skating is. In the rare moments I watched television (in my youth), I always found the European Winter Olympics to be most exhilarating.

    Oh, and I am most sorry for your sustained injury. I hope this does not become problematic in the long run. Long run, get it?

  2. My injury is gone now, the physical therapist I worked with fixed it. :)

    And, *facepalm* at your pun. :P

    Skating is quite fun, I enjoy it more now that I'm getting back to it after such a long break.

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  4. A much better one!

    My condolences- apologies, I am not known for my witticism, in truth I believe I am quite stoic. I do not usually make such out of turn comments. Sorry.

  5. I admit it, I laughed at the pun. I like puns. :3

    Why was the owl the life of the party? Because he was a HOOT!

    Oh, I crack myself up.

  6. Hey kiddo, more than any of them I want you to keep safe. It's too late to bow out, I can tell, but you do have time to get ready. I don't wanna alienate you... so for now just consider me a bit of a mad man.

    But when the time comes I'll help you. Good luck. Break a leg.

  7. Wait, you think I should stop skating? Is it that bad a sport? D:

    Also, new(er) post. :)