Monday, December 20, 2010

The Cloth, V2.

We got the window fixed today. Guy barely looked at us, fixed the window as fast as he could, and left.

I know I should be thinking about my brother, but all I could think of was how lucky we were that none of the cats escaped through the window.

Anyway. Around 3 P.M. today, I walked into my room, and bam, right in the center, is the cloth. The same piece of cloth. I could see little fading stitches where it had said "Gut Loop". Now it said, in much tinier, cursive letters, "Your backyard."

I tried to pick it up. It burnt my fingers. I brought my dad upstairs. He couldn't see words on the cloth at all. I'm crazy. I was scared to look in the backyard even when it was light out, but I knew I had to before it got dark.

So I went out back. Told my parents, but I don't know if they were listening. I'm safe now, so everything was fine.

I headed toward our pond, which is off to the right behind the house. Before I could even reach it, I saw another piece of cloth hanging off a dead tree next to the pond.

It was my brother's shirt. It was completely ripped down the middle, and badly torn in other spots.

I turned to run back to the house and I saw it. Locust, not even the Howler this time. Just a suit. And white, pure bright white.

That's all I remember. I woke up in the house on the couch. My parents said I had been sleeping there since we got home. It wasn't a dream though. I still had James's shirt. I showed it to my parents and they said it was his, but they refused to believe it was outside, or that I had seen Locust. I don't believe I saw it either, because it doesn't exist. It's my brother's abductor, and he's back. I just imagined the blank, the white. I was lucky I wasn't taken by him. Why he didn't take me, I don't know. Maybe he's playing with me, just like he played with James. Just like the thing--the Howler--is playing with me too.

We have one policeman assigned to us again for this week. Let's hope he helps. I doubt he will.

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