Thursday, December 2, 2010

Entry #8, CHRISTMAS!

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So, I stupidly forgot to talk about Christmas, even though I said I would yesterday. Oh, by the way, 24 days to Christmas. :D
Warning: long(er than usual) post ahead.
Christmas shopping is always a big pain, isn’t it? You never know what to get relatives, or if you should get gifts for people close to you and whatnot. Fortunately, my family just says what they want, and somebody else in the family just gets it, as long as it’s practical, and not too expensive.
I asked my parents for the full version of Ableton Live for Christmas, and after some deliberation, they agreed. Ableton is fairly expensive, at around $400, but I convinced them that it would help me further my musical career, which it really will.
So, yesterday we went scouting around at two local music stores to see if the price for Ableton was any lower. It didn’t end up being lower.
But I swear I saw that same guy in the exact same business suit on the way to the first store. I mean, I’m bundled up, I look like a puffball from all the layers of clothing, and I love the cold. This guy must either be an Eskimo or he must have layers upon layers of fat to stay warm. XD
He was walking on this empty plot of land next to the McDonald’s toward the school. I have a feeling he’s a hitchhiker or a tourist, just passing through, seeing whatever there is in this town to see. I don’t normally comment on people (you wouldn’t want me to talk about some fat lady I saw in a store, would you?) but I’ve never seen a hitchhiker in a suit.
I’ve got it! He’s…James Bond! :P
Anyway…I got to try out some pretty awesome guitars at the music stores. Did I mention I play guitar? I guess most people play guitar these days. I tried out another Ibanez. I own a really fast, 24-fret Ibanez that’s PERFECT for crazy solos. This Ibanez was more suited for chunky rhythm guitar, seeing as it was a 7-string. I was almost tempted to ask for the guitar instead of Ableton, but I looked at the price tag: $800. I don’t think so. XD
We went shopping for my little brother’s gift too. He’s big into sports too, so we went to the biggest sports store in the mall. I won’t name it here, but it’s pretty popular. At least it wasn’t Black Friday; I heard from a bunch of people that the mall was pretty much filled to capacity on Black Friday.
He went immediately to the hunting section. We were supposed to be looking at skateboards, but no, he decided to go to the hunting section. My parents were looking at bikes (because mine broke from that jump >.<), so I had to follow James around. He was awfully interested in the guns.
I’m pretty sure they don’t like eight-year-olds in the hunting section, the cashier there was giving me dirty looks when he saw I was with James. James sure seemed to know a lot about the guns already, and he looked so serious about getting one for Christmas when he told me before. I don’t want to be the one to tell him they don’t allow kids to have guns. D:

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