Monday, December 27, 2010


I suppose I should tell you about the last few days. After the policeman's murder.

We immediately called the police--ironic, I know, but what else could be done? I have no idea what happened to the body. They had it covered up when they escorted us away.

We were all questioned about it. I had to repeat everything I saw so many times, not to mention the fact it replayed in my head no matter how much I tried to distract myself. The blood.

They let us go the next day. At least they tried to make it comfortable in there over the night, giving us pillows and blankets and stuff. It was freezing, though.

They still won't help with James. The chief freely admitted he could not be found. Straight to our faces, he said they couldn't find him. I tried to ask what they knew about Locust and the Howler, but we were escorted out before I could say anything.

My parents won't talk to me. They're still in shock from...everything, I guess.  I am too, I suppose.

We got a new camera for 'Christmas'. We didn't even have our tree, and the lack of a tree made everything even more somber. I didn't think it could get more depressing. Heh.

This camera can take video now. Hi-def video, too. I'm keeping it next to me no matter where I am. If the Howler comes near me again, I'll try to get a picture before I smash its head in. Maybe I'll get a picture afterward, too.

I don't even think I could get a picture of whatever knocked me out the other day. I barely looked at it, and I was gone. That was Locust, I am almost sure, the man--the thing that took James.

God damn it. If I can't even get near it, how am I supposed to get James back?

It's snowing. It's supposed to be over a foot. We're trapped in the house. I have my camera, I have my book, and I have a flashlight if the power goes out. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight with the wind on the shutters and the constant movement of the snow outside.

This may be some sick wish, but I hope that James is safe in a building somewhere, not out in the snow. Please, let him be alright.


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