Thursday, December 9, 2010


Counselor told me it was okay to write about this.

Last night we went to the police station to file the missing person report. I think I posted on the Twitter about it.

They also questioned us. I don't think they think we're suspects though.

They took my parents into another room and left me outside. I could still hear them for the most part though. As I said, the police are incompetent. They'll never be able to help us. Not that they would, anyway. They wouldn't let me take a picture of the cloth, the only foreign object in James's room, before they took it away.

But I could hear them tell my parents that they knew my brother was gone. They had seen the type of cloth left behind in James's room before. Anybody who had that cloth in their room had yet to be found. And there was always something, a name, written on the wall of the abductee's room, below an empty circle. If the abductees had paper, they would draw the same thing.

The abductees always knew they were being stalked, yet they didn't tell anybody. Just like James.

I refuse to believe James won't be found. The police are refusing to help with searching. My parents are organizing volunteer search parties.

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  1. Go above these smucks. Find where the commissioner or whoever runs these guys lives and talk to him. The cops heads are obviously being messed with, but on a one to one basis I can't see how anyone can turn you down.