Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The police told me to make a Twitter, of all things. I laughed at them. I didn't think they were serious.

Well, they were. So instead of searching for my brother, I'm sitting at a computer. This is worthless. They won't let me search for him. We're under constant police protection now. They think I'm going to be taken too.

Please, anybody who knows anything about this 'Locust', this man, please tell me.!/HelpFindJames


  1. God damn. I should of warned you further. I should of found a better way out by now.

    Locust is a new one, but he has a host of names.

    You're up against a monster, not any sort of man. He's not even alive really, doesn't eat, sleep or breathe. I don't know if he has a weakness, but he's strong around still water and forests. He plays havoc with anything electrical too.

    Just don't give up okay? Your brother is a tough kid. If anyone'll make it back, it's him.

    I'll stay in touch.

  2. You're telling me I'm up against a monster. Heh.

    No, this is a man. A man I'm going to find.