Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Howler

Well, now I know what Ken was talking about. Heh.

I biked to Ken's house this morning. It snowed today, but the roads were only wet.

I got to his front door at about 1 P.M. He doesn't work, according to Mom, so I knew he would be home. He opened the door before I knocked. He must have been looking out the window, because I definitely wasn't making any sound.

He invited me in. Let me tell you, his house smelled pretty amazing. Some sort of combination of incense and spice.

Of course, the first thing I saw when I step in is a statue of Shiva. I stopped, literally dead still. Ken laughed. He said, "Don't worry about Shiva yet."

...Yeah. A bit ominous.

I had gone to his house to ask him questions, so I started asking him. I'll just run through the questions here. No commentary, just questions and answers. I wrote everything down, word for word, in my notebook. I'm just typing it out here.

Me: What do you know about my brother?
Ken: Nothing, other than that he is gone. My condolences. I'll participate in the search later.
M: What does Shiva have to do with this?
K: Think about it.
M: Tell me.
K: I cannot.
M: My God. My brother is gone and you can't tell me. Fine. What's Rudra?
K: Ah, Rudra. You may have heard him the other day. He's quite associated with Shiva. He' do I say it...Shiva's pet. He likes to pick up the pieces of what Shiva has left behind.
M: So you're saying Shiva took my brother.
K: Yes.
M: You're telling me a god took my brother.
K: Yes.
M: Hahaha. Right. Well. What can you tell me about something called Locust? (At this point I showed him one of the pictures of Locust James drew.)
K: That is Shiva, yes.
M: What about Slender Man? Ever heard of that?
K: Don't call him that.
M: Ah, so Slender Man is Shiva?
K: (Shouting) Don't call him that.

So now I've got an Indian god related to a fake supernatural creature, and another enslaved Indian god following that. Heh. And absolutely nothing to help me find my brother. What a complete joke.

And then this happened. I left Ken's house. He was pretty angry at me. I biked home, and was walking my bike up the driveway. I heard the same howl I had heard at the trail.

Then this thing jumped out at me. This sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous.

This thing had no legs. Just arms. I don't know how many arms. I have no idea how it moved, nor do I know how it was able to move so fast. It knocked me and my bike over. It hit me in the face. Then it ran away.

This thing was absolutely hideous. It couldn't have been a person, it couldn't have been a bear, it couldn't have been real. From what I saw, it had three eyes. Three. Eyes. No mouth, nothing that I could see before it ran.

I chased after it. Left my bike on the driveway and ran into my backyard. Ran through the snow with sneakers. I followed it to the end of our property. It just galloped, like a, I don't know, like a horse, on all of its arms. At the stone wall at the end of the property it just...disappeared. I couldn't hear it or see it anymore, and it had been directly in front of me.

Then I saw words scratched into the tree that breaks up the wall. Somehow, in the time before it managed to disappear, it managed to write something. I didn't have my camera, and by the time I could have gone back it would have been dark. I don't want to go outside in the dark. I had my notebook though, and I wrote it down.




I have no idea what it says. But it's there to taunt me.

I have three claw marks down my face now. I had to lie to my parents and say the cat got me. Would they believe me anyway? This is a stress-related hallucination. But the box is real. And the words are real. I'm going insane.



  1. A-Z B-Y would be the key to the code for the middle line - the letter "A" is swapped with "Z", "B" with "Y" and so on for the rest of the alphabet.

    If you use this code on the middle line you get this:


    I guess the first part is good news.

  2. I can verify what Awakeasaurusrex posted. Don't worry about you going insane; regardless of *what* caused the message or left the box, you have them. They're tangible evidence.

    Just... don't write anything off. Think open-minded. Stress-related or not, something was able to harm you and something is after you. Take care of yourself. Keep your camera on you at all times to document anything that you might find.

  3. God. That's so obvious. But thank you, Awake. I still wouldn't have noticed that.

    He's still alive. And this thing, the Howler, knows he is, and where he is.

    I can't bring the camera everywhere. It uses batteries up too fast, and I couldn't possibly carry packs of batteries wherever I go. I can try, but I doubt it will work. Thank you though. I don't think I'm going insane either now.

  4. Wow. How very considerate of him to include the cipher for you/us. Obviously who/whatever sent the message is toying with you by giving you cryptic statements but forcing you to work a bit for them.


  5. I've just realized something. If Shiva is this faceless man, then Rudra not be legless thing that is toying with you?

    Shiva has taken your brother. You are his sibling.

    Rudra is picking up what is left behind.

    This means you. Possibly the rest of your family, but most likely you.

    Just as Shiva has Rudra, many hypothesize that the "Slenderman" has a being known as "the Rake."

    He is commonly characterized as a creature with sharp claws. There are some theories that he is the Slenderman's pet, and others who say they are opposites, though both are evil.

    Either way, I doubt this can end well for you, your brother having been taken.

    I fear for you, sincerely.

  6. I've stated before that I don't believe in this 'Slender Man'. Something like that is logically impossible. This is a pair of twisted people who are trying to somehow associate themselves with Hindu gods.

    Yes, 'Rudra' is probably cleaning up. Yes, he's toying with me.

    But thank you for your thoughts.