Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Taunting.

It was in my room. It was inside the house. Nobody noticed. No signs of break-in. No footprints--sorry, handprints--in the snow.

I walked into my room an hour ago. This was on the wall, pinned up.

It had taken down one of my posters. Ripped it up, in fact. Put this up instead.

It's another code. It's playing games with me.
And there are arrows pointing to the ripped out piece. It's taunting me.

The Howler is just having fun.


  1. OK, it's a caesar cipher with all the characters displaced 3 spaces. The coded segment reads "IMPORTANT INFORMATION AWAITS YOU. THAT IS, IF YOU CAN FIND ME."

    Hmm. You seem to be being stalked by a Hindu god intent on introducing you to the wonderful world of codes and ciphers.

    The ripped out piece... does the shape remind you of anything? Perhaps you should get out a map of your area and see if any of the local landmarks have a similar curve to them - say, a hill, or a path. (Gut Loop?) If that's so then the arrows might indicate the part of a curve where you may expect to find something.

  2. Nice thinking Awakeasaurusrex. RC, this handy-man you seem to be dealing with is totally new to me, but I have experience of dealing with the Slenderman (I know you do not believe that this is the Slenderman, but even so - if the person who has taken your brother believes himself to be this character, there are rules to follow). You must try to stay focused, do not fall into the trap of obsession, avoid secluded areas particularly at night. If you have to go somewhere secluded (like gut loop) then make sure your parents know where you are, and stay in contact. Isolation will not help.

    Good luck.

  3. Further to the above, take a friend if you can, if you have to go to secluded places. oh, and /Don't/ fall into horror book clichés and explore dark uninhabited houses at night. Please. Even if this is just some copy cat kidnapper, they are probably dangerous enough that you don't want to meet them unless it's on your terms.

  4. @Awake: Thank you again. Caesar obvious.

    @Distilled: Obsession? How could I NOT be obsessed? It's my little brother, for God's sake.

    @Jetlag: This isn't horror. I'm not that dumb. I'll notify everybody if I'm going to anything potentially dangerous.

    Thank you guys so much.