Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entry #6

            First thing: I got a follower! Thank you, Chase! Glad this is somewhat interesting. :D
Yuck, too much swimming. >.<
I really don’t mean it when I say bad stuff about swimming, I just like complaining. At least we’re starting our taper.
Tapers always make me feel really antsy, because they leave me with too much extra energy. I feel like I have to jump up and do something, but I have to force myself not to because I know it won’t help my taper. Fortunately I’m not feeling that way yet, but I know I will. I hate anticipation. And now I have to stop tennis because we’re on taper, so I have even more energy. :P
Now, onward to the music review. This time it’s about the band Deftones. I know they aren’t DnB or Dubstep, but I’ve been listening to their new album “Diamond Eyes” a lot recently.
Deftones suffered a tragedy recently. Chi Cheng, the bassist, feel into a coma after a bad car accident. Diamond Eyes was created after this accident, and it is very haunting because of their feelings for the bassist. Recently, Chi awakened and is now in a semi-conscious state.
Unfortunately, I must say that this is Deftones’ best album. Even without Chi, they managed to create luscious soundscapes and hard-hitting songs. They brought in another bassist to substitute for Chi during recording, and this bassist recreated Chi’s sound perfectly.
Deftones manages to combine many different genres, from alternative rock to ambient electronic music. This is in part because they have a keyboardist who puts down pads in the background, creating that sound that makes songs sound fuller.
Two songs I highly recommend on Diamond Eyes are the title song, “Diamond Eyes,” and “Sextape”. “Sextape” is not what you think, a dirty song about sex and stuff. It’s a really haunting song with an amazing clean guitar riff. It may have lyrics about sex, but the lyrics are pretty much drowned out by the instruments, and the singer doesn’t enunciate that well, so I can't understand the lyrics. XD
That’s all, folks.

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