Saturday, November 27, 2010

Entry #3

Just heard the NOISIA song “Split the Atom”. Crazy song. I love NOISIA.
So I guess I’ll do the music review first? This one is about NOISIA. I found this group because of the crazy remix of Skrillex’s song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. Absolutely dirty remix. I went to listen to more of their stuff, and it’s just as high quality.
NOISIA’s style of music hovers somewhere among DnB, Dubstep, and Glitch/Trip Hop. Also, apparently they got their name from turning the word VISION upside-down. Try it, you’ll see.
They’re big on Soundcloud right here:
Now, back to real life. XD
Not much new to say about swimming…on the other hand, tennis is going pretty well. I probably won’t be playing tennis during my taper, so I’m trying to cram as much as I can in now. My mom probably hates me for having to drive me practically every day when I could just get my license and drive myself. :P
There’s a tournament next weekend, I’ll tell you guys how I did. That is, if I have anyone here listening to me. :’(
Tennis tournaments are always really stressful, and there are always those kids who cheat to win. I hate those kids, even if they claim their parents will ‘kill them’ if they don’t win. It doesn’t matter, playing unfairly in something people do normally play fairly to win is just bad sportsmanship.
There are the kids who have tempers, the ones who throw their rackets, and I’m always scared to call the point penalties because I’m afraid they’ll throw rackets at me. …Just kidding, I’m not scared of getting hurt, seeing as there are always officials around, I just feel uncomfortable calling point penalties on people who are already angry.
Then there are the really arrogant guys who shout “C’MON!” after practically any point they win, hoping somebody will notice them. Finally, there are the quiet guys who barely say a word during an entire match other than to call out the score, but win the tournaments with ease.
I feel like I fit into none of the categories; I’m a quiet guy who never gets past the second round. XD
I play tennis more for enjoyment than for actually pursuing a career in it. No lie, tennis is quite fun. I don’t know how much my gung-ho coaches appreciate my ‘fun, not work’ attitude, but oh well.
And one more thing. Never play tennis in public parks, with woods nearby. During the summer my friend and I had this hiker come out of the woods when we were playing, and he asked me for water before I saw him. Scared the life out of me. XD
I suppose I’m talking to myself, but this is still fun.
Bye all!

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