Monday, November 29, 2010

Entry #5

‘Sup. *cool nod*
Lol, not really. I do that on purpose to be funnily awkward, but it usually just turns out plain awkward. XD
I tried to fix my bike today, after that jump I went over yesterday when I was mountain biking. Jumping definitely screwed up my steering. It turned my handlebars so they aren’t in line with the wheel. I thought I would be able to fix it, but then I realized it’s a bike I got from Kmart and honestly isn’t worth fixing. Maybe I’ll get a new bike soon. Of course, it is about to be winter, so I don’t really need it.
So now because of taper, I get to sit home and do nothing when I’m done with my schoolwork. I tried watching TV, but it glitched out when I was trying to watch Lost. The screen went all blurry and then just turned off. Our TV is pretty old anyway, it’s not even an LED TV. I was expecting it to die eventually. Oh well, I can watch whatever I want on the computer instead.
On a different topic, I hope it snows soon! I want to go snowboarding really badly. I love cold weather, especially when it’s just snowed and the sky is cloudless. It’s always amazing to go outside in weather like that.
No music review today, I think I’ll do music reviews once a week, if that’s okay with the 0 people who read this. :P
Oh. My brother came up to me this morning and said, with a straight face, that he wanted a gun for Christmas. He’s eight years old. I don’t think he knows too much about guns.
So I asked him why he wanted one, and all he says is, “To protect myself from the tall thing.”
I asked him what the ‘tall thing’ was, but he didn’t answer. I have a feeling it’s just a really big deer; we have deer roaming around at night outside our house all the time.

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  1. You a fan of Lost, then? Nice. I love that show.