Friday, November 26, 2010

Entry #2

Hi again everybody.  :)
I’ve noticed I tend to use emoticons a lot. Somebody I know said that was fun, since all my texts and messages seem nicer with smileys. XD
Anyway, swimming is getting more difficult. Our coach is pushing us really hard, before we go into taper for our winter taper meet. In case you don’t know what taper is (which I’m sure most people don’t), it’s when swimmers do less and less work in the pool to relax the muscles before a major meet. This meet coming up is one of the important ones. It’s where most of our team tries to qualify for the bigger swim meets, like Junior Olympics and Speedo Sectionals. Opposite of what you would think, Speedo Sectionals is a more difficult and prestigious meet than Junior Olympics.
I’m looking forward to taper. The swimming is definitely taking its toll on my body; the air in the pool area is pretty bad quality-wise and I’ve started coughing a lot, along with a bunch of the others on the team. It’s pretty common, though, and I don’t think I’m sick. Hope I don’t get actually sick before the meet. :/
That’s leaving you guys on a bad note. A good thing is that I’m almost done with NaNoWriMo. :D I’m at 46,000 words, and I have 4 days left. I’m writing about a guy who gets trapped in a house in the woods with various hallucinations—except some of the hallucinations are ghosts, and one of the hallucinations is actually a real guy who killed all the real ghosts. It’s even creeping me out. I’m looking forward to be done with writing 1667 words a day though. XD
Now, for my music review: Skrillex. This guy just got really famous in the dubstep world for his crazy songs. I mean CRAZY. Some of the best jump-up and skank dubstep music I’ve heard.
Skrillex is actually Sonny Moore, who was the singer for a band named “From First To Last”. This band was really famous in 2006 as an emo band. Personally, I really didn’t like FFTL. I don’t like emo music that much. But after he left FFTL and went through his solo artist phase and became a dubstep and electro producer, I have massive respect for him.
His music incorporates ridiculous samples before the big drops—a kid screaming, “DAD, OH MY GOD!”—and various styles. He doesn’t just produce dubstep, he produces house, normal techno, and some crazy genre-defying remixes (see his remix of La Roux’s “In For The Kill”). His style is chaotic, using many different sounds to complement the wobbly bass.
If you hear his stuff and you like dubstep, you’re guaranteed to listen more than once. I highly recommend Skrillex.
See his official Youtube channel here: .
Your royal awkwardness,

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