Friday, February 11, 2011

Entry #68 (Even though my blog says it has 70 posts)

My headache is much better again. Yesterday I saw a flash of a suit, a glimpse of a hat by the same pine tree I saw the blood spatter by. After I saw that, I was so paranoid I peered out the window pretty much every 2 minutes to see if anything was out there. Fortunately it wasn't.

I'm getting the feeling that the closer these things are, the worse I feel. When I was feeling so awful, when I couldn't sleep and started with the micronaps, I think that was because they were so close. I could hear the Howler literally howling right outside the door. This time, I think I saw Locust standing out there. I think he's gone now, or at least moved far away. That's why I'm feeling better.

I'm going to go back to the shed tomorrow. I don't want to go. I think that place makes me sicker too. I'm going to bring a flashlight, a really powerful LED one, and a knife. New batteries for the flashlight tonight. I don't know when I'll post next, but hopefully it will be Sunday morning. I'm sneaking to the shed tomorrow night, I'm not letting my parents know. They'll want to come. I know that would be bad.

I have a feeling 'they' want me to go in there again. And I can't do anything about that. Kite, the guy/girl/it who commented on my last post is right. I've got to do anything to save my brother.

Don't worry, I've told 3 of my friends to call 911 if I don't text or call them by Sunday morning. If you want to know if I'm safe, I'll either post here Sunday morning, post something on Twitter tomorrow night, or you can contact me at my email to know a little sooner. I'll be on that email all through tonight and some of Saturday, and I'll check on it after to see if anyone has sent anything.

If anybody emails me, I'll take questions about the situation too, I guess. I'll probably compile a list of useful questions and answers, and post them up here as well to see if anybody can spot clues that I may have missed.

Thank you for helping me with my family's situation, everyone who has been following this. It has helped me immensely, not only emotionally but in my quest to get James back. If I don't come back tomorrow, I'm thanking you now.


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  1. I'm a guy, and I'm just looking out for you, I've seen people in the same position, just don't get too crazed in there, stay calm. and keep your flashlight ready like a lantern in Amnesia.