Sunday, February 6, 2011

Entry #65

So I went to tennis today. Bad decision. I've been sicker since I went to the shed. My throat's been killing me.

So, of course, I just drank more water, and some tea, thinking it would help. Y'know, stay hydrated, you'll get better faster. Tried to eat, even though I haven't had an appetite lately.

But, I decided to go to tennis anyway. I was doing really well for not playing in a few weeks (due to snow, and family problems I don't want to tell you about right now). About half an hour in, I got really dizzy. So, in the middle of drills, I gestured to my playing partner and walked over to the bench.

Next thing I knew I was back in the shed. Except there was no door. And it wasn't pitch black anymore, there was a really soft light emanating from--well, it seemed like it was from everywhere. I couldn't see a light source. I just turned around in a circle, opening and closing my mouth like a dying fish. The same plastic bags and everything.

But now that there was light,  I could see that this place did have an end. In fact, I could see all four walls. One of the walls had a door in it--not a human sized door, more like a giant's door, but a door all the same. I walked toward it, and as I pushed open the door (also marble, so heavy I could practically feel muscles popping as I pushed it), I felt something push me back. Something wet, and cold. I looked at my hand, and there was a little black...I don't even know, but it looked like a squirming piece of wood. As I jerked away from it I feltt a falling sensation...

And I woke up on the tennis court. The two coaches and a few of my friends were crowded around me. I had a bruise on my forehead because I fell, when I went unconscious, apparently.

I found dirt on my arm, though. Wet dirt, that couldn't have been from the tennis court.


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