Friday, February 4, 2011

Entry #63

When things can't get any worse...they do.

I went out to the old shed, the one behind my pool. It was pretty hard to get to, because of the drifts of snow coming up to hip level. I didn't bring the camera, because I was afraid to get it wet. In retrospect, of course I should have.

Anyway. I struggled through the snow. Some of it was pretty easy to get through because of the crust of ice and hard snow on top. I got to the shed after about 20 minutes. The shed was at one point a really nice little handbuilt shed my dad built with my older brother. Now, after about 15 years of neglect, it's fallen down partly.

The whole front half of the shed is fine. Doorway, front wall, and half of both side walls are fine. But the back has fallen down completely. The roof slopes down to the ground. Nothing ever made a hole into the shed through the fallen-down roof and the roof hadn't worn away yet, but I was pretty sure there were animals living inside.

Well, I was wrong. I don't know how I could have possibly been wrong, but I was. I opened the door and ducked in. The space in front of me shouldn't have been more than 8 feet.

It was more than 8 feet. Way more. So far, in fact, that I couldn't see the end. Everything was lost in darkness. Nothing in that shed was right. Nothing I saw could have fit in there.

Everything was marble. Pure white, until it got swallowed by the black. There were pillars spaced evenly, going every way from the door. Hanging on string halfway between the pillars were black, plastic bags. I had to see what was in them. I honestly didn't want to venture from the doorway--who would? I was gripping it so hard that I found splinters in my hands later, once I got back to the house.

But I did go to one of the bags. All I did was touch it, and it split open. Blood, dark red blood spattered all over my feet and the marble ground. I ran as fast as I could back toward the door.

Then I noticed the door was the only thing on the wall. In fact, there was no wall, just a door sitting in the middle of the marble and the black. This is when my headache returned, and when the laugh started echoing around me, and when I saw the parchment.

Yeah, a piece of parchment. It was the only thing that looked real. I picked it up and started to look at it before I got out the door, but then I heard the laugh. The same laugh the Howler gave me from my dad, the same laugh from when I met it the first time. Except this time it echoed around me, bouncing off the pillars and getting ear-splittingly loud. I ran all the way out of the door and slammed it shut.

I didn't get to see anything on the parchment, I was too panicked. Damn it. That would have helped me. I know there was something useful there, because I saw a few words. "Omnipresent", "playful", "torturing", and "fight" were the only four words I saw, because they were underlined and circled. I need to know how to fight this, whatever this is.

I've run into something way worse than what I ever expected. This can't be real. I can't have seen what was in there. It's impossible. Geometrically, spatially impossible. I don't even want to know what else is in there. Bags of blood and pieces of paper that crumble to dust the second they get exposed to sunlight.

So now the headache is back with a vengeance. I'm scared to sleep in my own house. I'm scared to be outside my house. I'm scared of what's in back of my house, in that shed. I've been caught up in something that's supernatural, I know that now. Either that or I'm going crazy.

I have to follow through with this or James will die. I know that. I'm not going back to that shed, though, no matter what. Whatever is in there, the actual 'landscape' included, wants me dead. Oh god, what if that's where they took James?

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